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Houston has the distinction of being the largest city in Texas, and with that honor comes higher car insurance rates. With over 2.2 million residents, that makes for a lot of vehicles on the road and more cars means more accidents.

Having a good auto insurance policy is just as important as having a reliable vehicle, but a lot of Houston drivers are overpaying for coverage. There are many companies to choose from when buying a policy, with the top 40 companies making up over 91% of the market. The list to the right shows the top 15 companies ranked by market share.

Whichever company you currently use, there is a good chance you could pay lower rates by shopping your coverage around. Companies base their rates on accuarial data, which means the higher their losses, the more they charge for insurance.

Some companies may have a high concentration of losses in any given year, which forces rates up to ensure profitability and compensate their stockholders. This results in other companies having comparatively cheaper rates. But drivers won’t know which companies have the cheapest car insurance rates in Houston unless they compare prices at least once a year.

Our site helps you find those affordable companies and also allows you to learn a little about the coverages in your policy. You can also find directories of insurance agents in Houston and the surrounding suburbs in the metro area. Sometimes car insurance can get complicated, and your best option is getting the advice of a licensed Texas insurance agent.

The average Texan pays over $130 a month or $1,600 a year for auto insurance, but you can take steps now to bring the cost down. Comparing quotes from more companies allows you a better chance of finding a cheaper policy.

Top 15 Car Insurance Companies in Houston Texas
State Farm
Farmers Insurance
Home State
Liberty Mutual
Farm Bureau
Old American
Southern Mutual
AAA Texas

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Learn How to Save on Houston Auto Insurance

Buying a car insurance policy is not exactly at the top of anyone’s bucket list. It’s a complicated legal contract that most people don’t understand, nor do they take the time to read it. But understanding a little bit about how auto insurance works is essential to knowing how to shop smart.

The vehicles below are some of the most popular in the Houston metro area. The linked articles can help you learn about your policy coverages, find low-cost companies to get quotes from, and also find insurance agents near you. Many more articles are available by clicking the button below the list.

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Houston Metro Area Communities

The majority of the population of the metro area actually live in the suburbs of the city of Houston. The cities below include Houston and the larger neighboring cities that make up most of the metro area. If you live in one of these cities, you can read more about finding affordable coverage online as well as locate insurance agencies near you.